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Sexy, chic and glamorous to highlight your beautiful buttocks

Appreciated for its comfortable, modern and supportive fit, women's boxer shorts are now one of the most fashionable pieces of lingerie. In the same spirit, the cotton shorty for women is one of the most appreciated undergarments by women because of its attractive design, its flattering cut and its soft and light materials. Indeed, this small piece of lingerie allows to combine sensuality and comfort in everyday life and is more covering than the women's panties. At DIM, mixing refinement and relaxation is one of the main promises of the brand. In this sense, DIM boxers and shorties are designed in very soft materials like cotton, lace or microfiber. Feel free to browse our extensive online catalog to discover the different models of boxers and shorts for women, designed and created especially for you by our stylists. The most complicated part will be to make your choice among our varied collection. Indeed, many colors are available in plain or printed versions and in all sizes!


Find the right women's boxer for your style

Because each woman is unique and different, DIM wants to create items for all body types and desires. On the brand's official website, you can easily find all the models in the women's underwear collections, including the essential boxers and shorties. In a desire for variety, no detail is left to chance in our collection! Several trendy designs and a wide range of colors are offered: blue, white, black, pink, red, flesh color invisible under clothes ... There is something for everyone, and for every size! We warn you: you will certainly succumb to these pretty and comfortable lingerie pieces! Want a second skin effect underwear that is invisible under clothes? The microfiber shorty will be the most suitable. We love its comfort that wraps us in a feeling of softness. The cotton shorty can be discreet or sexy depending on your mood. One constant: DIM boxers will enhance your figure


Women's shorties to combine comfort and elegance on your hips!

Don't make any more compromises: choose comfortable, feminine and trendy shorties. Today's active women need underwear that is adapted to their pace: boxers and shorties provide unbeatable support. DIM models have been designed with your needs in mind.


Glamorous and sexy with a refined and light feminine shorty

The shortie is an undergarment that seduces modern women with its comfortable cut, its covering surface, as opposed to the feminine thongs, but also thanks to the suppleness and lightness of the materials used to make it. The DIM team has selected soft fabrics that are pleasant to the touch, such as cotton, lace and microfiber, to give you unparalleled comfort on a daily basis. Contrary to popular belief, these glamorous items reveal your femininity. Our designers have combined practicality and design so that women no longer have to choose between comfort and sensuality: consult the online catalog and choose the models that suit you.

DIM's Sublim Mod shorties come in a variety of colors (copper red, black and blue embroidered underwear) so you can choose according to your preferences. You will also appreciate the originality of the black cotton and lace Sexy Transparency models from DIM if you want to highlight the shape of your buttocks and hips, but also the powder pink or cream boxers that will be totally invisible under your pants and light colored skirts.


DIM women's boxers collection, a large choice of models and colors

Whatever styles and colors of shorties you are looking for, you will easily find them in our online catalog. If you want discreet and invisible underwear, choose microfiber items. Choose the materials, colors and sizes that suit you: benefit from free delivery on purchases over 60 euros and a personalized service. The DIM team is always ready to listen to your needs and ensure your complete satisfaction.


The woman’s shorty, feminine and glamorous

Made of lace or polka dot tulle, the women's shorty is hyper feminine and glamorous. Also called boxer shorts, the lace shorty for women naturally enhances your curves. Its ideal shape fits perfectly your forms for a shaping effect that we love. If you have small hips, it is the shaping lingerie stockings that you need, because it will bring you roundness and will emphasize the curve of your buttocks. For the thinnest of us, combine your lace push up bra with a shorty for an irresistible lace lingerie set. On the contrary, if you have slightly rounded thighs and hips, avoid the shorty because it tends to accentuate the volume of your hips. Thanks to its unique expertise in lingerie, Dim offers you a wide selection of shorties in all materials: 100% cotton, microfiber, tulle or lace, a large selection of feminine white shorties are available. You're spoiled for choice! Have fun with materials and colors and create your own lingerie set with a shorty paired with your favorite bra. For example, at a wedding, the bride will be super comfortable to dance the night away in ivory colored shorts, invisible under her dress. She can also wear a bustier to add a feminine and glamorous touch to her lace ensemble. Moreover, under your lace garter belt, don't hesitate to wear a thin shorty for a sexy lingerie set! Take advantage of the sales and shop easily online to complete your lingerie drawer. You can benefit from low prices and fill up on lace shorts for women. If you don't know your size or if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to take your measurements with a tape measure and then go directly to our Size Guide.


Comfortable in Dim women's shorts

The essential asset of the woman’s shorty is without any doubt its absolute comfort. Its very covering shape perfectly covers your buttocks and your hips. A little lower than the panties, the shorty reveals a slight indentation at the bottom of your buttocks, which makes it ultra feminine and irresistible. For those who want even more comfort, let yourself be tempted by the Body Touch and Invisi Fit ranges from Dim, which offer seamless microfiber shorts and boxers for optimal comfort and total invisibility under your clothes. Second skin effect guaranteed! White, black, ecru... It's time to renew your lingerie drawer with nice classic and essential colors. In the morning, put on your soft satin microfiber to have a beautiful day. For an even more economical version, you can buy your boxers in duos, trios and even by sets of 5. What a way to get a lot of shorties while making nice savings!