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Organic Cotton Pyjamas for Babies




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How can you choose the right pyjama for your baby?

Whether you want to dress your children all year long or spoil your family and friends for a birth, make the choice of quality by offering organic cotton pyjama from the new DIM Baby range πŸ‘Ά ! No idea where to get comfy pyjamas for your baby? No need to panic! Follow our advice to find some cute pyjama for a baby girl or a baby boy. The centerpiece of the maternity suitcase, pyjama will accompany your baby from birth. To respect the incredibly sensitive skin of babies, we advise you to choose healthy and soft materials like organic cotton. Designed without chemicals or toxins, Dim Baby organic cotton pyjama are Oeko-Tex certified, guaranteeing you a healthy product that is not harmful to your baby's fragile skin. In addition to offering the best for your baby's health, you are doing something for the planet by choosing an organic material whose manufacture is ethical and transparent. After checking that the material of your baby girl and baby boy pyjama is not harmful to their delicate skin, make sure it is comfortable. It should be soft and pleasant to the touch. If you visit our Dim stores, don't hesitate to put your hand inside the pyjama to be sure. Made of 100% comfort material, Dim Baby organic cotton pyjama are incredibly soft to the touch and have long sleeves, perfect for mid-season. When the temperature drops, add a long-sleeved bodysuit under their pyjama to keep your child warm. Did you know that if your child is comfortable, they’ll sleep better? It's best to avoid buying clothes that are too tight or made of stiff or rough materials. Choose an ultra-stretchy fabric, like the Dim Baby organic cotton pyjama, which will follow your little one's movements and fidgeting all night long!


Ultra practical, opt for the organic cotton baby pyjamas from Dim Baby

Notice to young parents: if you feel like you spend your day changing your baby, it's perfectly normal! However, it is possible to really save time when changing by dressing your girl or boy with Dim Baby organic cotton pyjama! Practical and clever, its two-way zip allows you to put on and take off your child's pyjamas in record time! Because Dim focuses on comfort above all, all Dim Baby organic cotton pyjama have a lining to protect your baby so that the zip does not come into contact with his delicate skin! To change your child without pressure, don't hesitate and make your life easier by buying Dim Baby organic cotton pyjama and its revolutionary zip! Tired of losing your little one's socks and mittens? Dim has found the solution by adding cuffs to the hands and feet of Dim Baby organic cotton pyjama! Available on all models up to 12 months (corresponding to size 76 cm), this 2-in-1 system is too practical because it prevents your little socks from getting lost but also prevents your baby from scratching his face.


Change it up with the pretty prints of Dim Baby organic cotton pyjamas

Is there anything in the world cuter than baby clothes? The answer is no! Adorable short-sleeved bodysuits, cute pants, animal-shaped bathrobes, it's hard not to melt in front of the cool prints and cozy materials of baby accessories and clothes! For a baby who will love it from head to toe, opt for Dim Baby organic cotton pyjama with colorful patterns that your child will love to wear! Make bedtime a sweet and joyful moment with the playful rainbow and sunshine prints of Dim Baby organic cotton pyjama! These pretty patterns are available in several colors to please a little girl or a little boy. From flashy pink to khaki for a trendy look and beige for a soft outfit, you are bound to find what you are looking for (and what your child is looking for!) at DIM Baby πŸ‘Ά. To help your child sleep well on sweet nights, offer them the best by falling for the pretty organic cotton pyjama of the Dim Baby collection available now on our online store Dim.com!