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Play with your feminine side with Dim’s sexy tights

Tights are a must-have accessory when it comes to styling your look during the winter but also during autumn and spring. Depending on what kind of style you are looking for, tights can be a real ally. Whether you are going for coloured tights to spice up your outfit, floral lace tights for a romantic effect, support tights to flatten your stomach or compression tights for better bloodstream, you will find the one with DIM’s wide collection of tights and stockings. Play with our patterns, colours and fabrics to find the perfect supportive, comfortable, protective or even seductive tight. Your tight can be the difference between a sexy outfit and a regular one.

Pair your simple black dress with the right lace tight to step up your outfit and boost your sex appeal. Between fishnet tights, suspender tights, lace tights, seamed tights and hold-up stockings, it exists a large variety of sexy tights and stockings. You can either choose a classic black transparent tight to pair with high heels or go for something more original and pick a patterned tight. You can also mix it up and one day adopt a red tight to bring a pop of colour to your look, and another opt for hold-up stockings with wide lace tops to sublimate your legs.


Enjoy a wide range of sexy tights on Dim’s official website

When it comes to sexy tights, most envisions hold-up stockings or fishnet tights but tights can be a subtle element of seduction no matter which type of tight or stocking you choose. It exists different fabrics and patterns to play with and each can become a real asset to create a sexy look. Even though lace might be the obvious choice, you can also achieve a glamourous look with dots or seams. Black transparent tights with dots have become quite trendy in the past years and whether you wear them with high heels or flat shoes, they always bring a pop of originality. Having visible black seams can also be a real showstopper as it lengthen the legs, just like our black DIM Signature couture tight.

However black is not your only option when it comes to sexy tights nor are sheer tights. DIM has a wide collection of coloured tights: brown, blue or red tights are available on the official store. Discover all of our tights on the shop and don’t forget to take a look at our size guide to make sure you purchase the right size that fits your body perfectly. Besides, if you are wondering how to best preserve your tights in your drawers, here are some simple tips. First, when you store them, fold them lengthwise. Then, roll them tightly from bottom to top. Last, fold up the waistband on the tight to hold it.