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A nursing bra for all moms

To breastfeed your baby with peace of mind, discover our collection of maternity and nursing bras perfectly adapted to moms and moms-to-be. During your pregnancy and at the beginning of breastfeeding, your breasts become particularly sensitive and you may feel pain when you start breastfeeding. This is why you need to choose a comfortable nursing bra that will accompany you throughout this period. Make your comfort a priority with the Dim nursing bra and its soft material that respects your skin. Ultra soft, the straps of this bra are also adjustable to fit all body types. Ultra practical, this maternity bra is equipped with clips on the upper part to facilitate the opening of the cups at the time of breastfeeding. Regarding the colors, choose black for a classic look or white for a softer style. What if you want both? When packing your maternity bag to go to the maternity ward, don't forget to add your Dim nursing bra so you can wear it in the morning when the baby is born. When you get home, you'll need a minimum of three nursing bras for convenience: two for the day, so you'll always have a clean one, and one for the night.


How to choose the right nursing bra?

How to choose a good nursing bra? With a nursing bra, the purchase becomes double, this bra will become essential while you are pregnant and also post-delivery. With its lingerie expertise, Dim accompanies you during the important moments of your life by creating an ultra comfortable maternity bra. More than ever, you want a bra that you can feel comfortable in all day long. Choose a maternity bra from our new collection that is comfortable, practical and modern. Its cups are easily detached and removed with nursing clips located directly at the base of the straps. With one hand, easily clip and unclip your bra, which is convenient when you have a baby in the other hand. The second important criterion for future moms: the support. The Dim pregnancy and maternity bra provides good support with its elastic band under the chest and its U-shaped back. Secondly, choose adjustable bras, like the Dim maternity bra, because the size of your breasts can vary throughout your pregnancy as well as during the months of breastfeeding, and even during the day depending on your level of milk filling! Indeed, the WHO recommends, as far as possible, to breastfeed your baby until he/she is 6 months old. If you have too much milk, don't hesitate to do a good deed and give your milk to the association of milk banks in France, to benefit other babies. The Dim nursing bra is equipped with a stretchy back strap to follow the evolution of your body. Its straps are also adjustable to adapt to all bodies. Finally, Dim thinks of everything and emphasizes your femininity and your assets by proposing a nursing bra whose light padded cups will naturally enhance your cleavage.

Discover our new collection of ultra-comfortable and practical bras that will accompany you gently during your pregnancy to breastfeed your baby with complete peace of mind!