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Slim legs with our shapely tights

Soft and shapely legs, an unreachable dream? Not for those who slip into the DIM sculpting tights: bringing you a range of tights that makes you want to put on that adorable mini skirt that you had pushed to the back of your wardrobe a long time ago and finally dare to show off your legs! DIM's sculpting tights and leggings fulfil promises that we no longer believed: flat stomach, tracked cellulite effect, shaping action, hydration, light legs and much more! Refining the silhouette, DIM’s sculpting tights and leggings are sure to make your legs look great every time, so dare to show your legs this winter!


Compression tights for heavy legs

Do you suffer from heavy legs that hold you back on a daily basis? As part of its range of sculpting tights, DIM brings you compression tights from the Perfect Contention range. The DIM compression tights and compression stockings are a class 1 medical device, which thanks to their specialist knitting, exert pressure that runs from the foot to the thigh, improving blood circulation. This pressure effect helps prevent and relieve heavy legs. Finally, dare to show off your legs by wearing dresses and skirts without fear of suffering from heavy legs.


Tights that hydrate your legs

Among the selection of DIM sculpting tights, the DIM Dublim range offers you tights that hydrate your legs while you are wearing them. This innovative model actually looks after your legs while you are wearing them. This works thanks to micro-capsules containing shea butter, argan oil, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for 25% more hydration from the first day. Don't be afraid to wear tights all day, DIM tights are comfortable AND hydrating! What more could we ask for?


Sculpting tights that enhance your curves

Want a refined silhouette? DIM offers flat stomach tights to easily put on that favourite little black dress! With a sculpting piece integrated at the top of the tights for a shaping effect, you can now erase the tummy you hate and wear your favourite outfit. With their shaping effect, our flat stomach tights will enhance your legs and your figure and allow you to wear your most beautiful party clothes, even the tightest ones!


DIM sculpting tights for all women

Whether you are looking for a flat stomach, slim legs, hydrated legs or even light legs, DIM offers a wide range of sculpting tights, shaping tights and tights with enhancing effects, so go ahead and discover our selection on! Also discover our wide range of Socks and underwrear for women. Not sure about the right size? Our size guide helps you choose the tights that will give you the perfect fit.