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Perfectly and comfortably supported breasts.

Each body type has its own Bras and shape. You are looking for three main elements for your breasts: comfort, support and aesthetics. The interlocking bra combines all these elements. And it is, undoubtedly, for all these reasons that it is the shape which is the most bought in the world, it is the ideal shape for the larger breast. It must be said that it is one of the most comfortable forms of bra, in fact, it envelops the entire chest. Also known as the big support bra, it ideally supports the chest. It adapts to all breasts and does not compress, giving an even greater feeling of comfort. It encompasses the chest without any pressure. So, even though all types of breasts can wear it, it will be ideal for generous breasts, offering them, in fact, an unparalleled support, which they need. Comfort at the service of a natural and delicate cleavage.


A full-coverage bra

Apart from its functional aspect, the interlocking bra remains a beautiful bra with underwires that are refined and chic. It therefore proudly holds a place in the field of chic bras. It can be chosen in several materials and colors such as, for example, ivory, or with a beige underwire. Browse our store to find the perfect push up bra that will provide you with immense comfort and support. There are many models in lace with the Dim Sublim collection or in microfiber with InvisiFit or InvisiFree or in cotton.


An ultra feminine push-up bra

Ideal for all breasts, the push-up bra is the most popular shape in the world for lingerie. And for good reason, it is also the most comfortable bra to wear on a daily basis. By naturally following the shape of your chest, the push-up bra gives you a nice round chest and provides excellent support and comfort throughout the day. Unfortunately, for many years, the push-up bra has had a very old-fashioned, unfeminine and even less sexy image... To break with this image, Dim reinvents the codes of lingerie by offering a selection of ultra-feminine push-up bras, with attractive colors and ultra-fashionable designs. Red lace, printed velvet bows, blue with white polka dots or feathery patterns with or without underwire, you're bound to find something you like in our new Dim collection! To vary the pleasures and change the classic interlocking bras, you can also opt for interlocking bandeaux. With the same qualities, we love the ultra glamorous Sublim Dentelle black interlocking bra for women. No need for removable straps, it contains silicone bands that allow it to maintain it in its place from morning to night. Ideal for all breasts, we love the ultra fine florallace bra. This hyper chic bra revolutionizes the classic world of the interlocking bra with its ultra feminine design and its minimalist cut.


The seductive asset of generous breasts

The interlocking bra is perfect for all body types thanks to its good support, it's undeniable comfort and its feminine design. Even if it is suitable for all women, it is the favorite of generous breasts from 95C, thanks to its excellent support. Its wide straps prevent shoulder pain and unsightly red marks. Almost invisible under clothing, its cups naturally enclose your breasts for a spectacular second skin effect! Add a feminine touch to your look with a balconette push-up bra or a lacy strapless push-up bra, so sexy! For those who want to reduce the volume of their breasts, there is the minimizer bra. With its wide straps and U-shaped back, it effectively relieves back pain and gives the impression of a less voluminous chest. Comfort and optimal support are of course at the rendezvous thanks to the interlocking structure that visually reduces the volume of your chest without compressing it. With strips of material on the sides, its cups distribute the volume of the breasts and allow an effect of reduction of the size of the chest. A nice optical illusion and a greater freedom of movement for your greatest happiness! Not convinced yet? Let yourself be tempted by our range of Generous minimizers and find your freedom with our hyper comfortable interlocking models, from size A to size E. Discover our collection of ultra feminine and comfortable interlocking bras available now on our online store!