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Men's underwear

Constantly renewing its selection, the DIM brand proposes new men's boxers every season. From the big classic boxer shorts to the more original patterns, the range expands and adapts to all tastes and all ages. Whether you choose a DIM branded elastic waistband or one that is covered in the boxer print, you can't go wrong with any of them. And the range is wide: classic white boxers are joined by contemporary and timeless patterns. Cotton poplin or stretch cotton, in all cases, the material is worked to obtain an absolute softness. And for winter, discover the men's long johns designed in an innovative material that keeps the body heat and gives it back immediately. So, gentlemen, are you Team tight or loose underwear? DIM offers a wide range of men's underwear, available in sizes S to XL, to please ALL men.


Men's fashion as seen by DIM

Renowned for its expertise in women's lingerie, DIM has not remained indifferent to men's fashion. Sophisticated design, comfort, modernity... the brand's new collection of men's underwear is proof of this keen interest. Indeed, facing the growing sophistication needs of men, the brand was able to take up the challenge and offer classic and innovative boxer shorts, at the forefront of trends and technologies. The objective of the Caleçon Homme collection is simple: that everyone can find the boxer shorts they like by browsing the different models available in all sizes on our website. For example, the color blue is more and more popular among men, the brand honors it by offering a range of blue boxers, from navy to flashy, with or without a pattern. The question is simple, will you be able to make a choice?


To each his own male underwear

Place your bets... and make your choice! On the site, you will find a wide range of underwear, from men's boxers to men's briefs, including of course the timeless men's boxers, available in different sizes. When discovering our collection, you will easily find products with neat seams, in classic or flashy colors. Yes gentlemen, with DIM, underwear is trendy and fashionable, while remaining comfortable! To be stylish and elegant every day, don't hesitate to match your men's underwear with the rest of your clothes: pants and shirts of course, but also with socks! A successful association will guarantee you a neat and impeccable look. Indeed, for a few years now, male seduction also means lingerie! Whether you are looking for printed, plain, patterned, checked or even fancy underwear, there is something for everyone on our site. It's up to you! And for those who hate boxers, there will always be DIM's iconic men's briefs.