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Glamorous and sparkling, in comfortable shaping underwear!

Want to wear your cocktail dresses gracefully? Opt without further ado for shapewear panties or sculpting panties! They will give you a dream figure while guaranteeing maximum comfort. For example, the boxer briefs is ideal for shaping the hips and covering the buttocks, while emphasizing the beautiful shapes of your thighs. This flat tummy panty will refine your hip circumference and will allow you to slip into a very tight outfit, such as a tight dress or a little skirt without any worries. On the other hand, if you want to wear skinny jeans, choose the Bermuda shape. These cover the entire stomach and come down just above the knee. The reshaping effect is guaranteed, while you feel incredibly comfortable.


Optimal discretion with the DIM shapewear!

Sculpting underwear is often offered in tones close to the natural skin tone so that it is not visible under clothing. You can choose between beige, black or white. Sculpting panties or shaping panties are an essential piece of lingerie, a must-have for your wardrobe! It owes its success to its covering and slimming power, which can often highlight a tight outfit. The girdle with lifting effect is also very discreet. It is especially distinguished by its ultra-flat high waistband and its sculpting fabric. Its benefit? It ensures optimal support while allowing your skin to breathe throughout the day. The girdle is also perfect for young mothers who want to regain their pre-pregnancy flat stomach. Finally, shapewear panties are available in many sizes. These items allow you to emphasize your curves harmoniously and help you remain slim and glamorous, whether you are in city clothes, casual jeans, or even a pretty evening dress!

For a perfect figure and a flat stomach? Abandon the idea of a corset and choose sculpting lingerie instead. Choose a girdle for absolute comfort. For sexy women, choose Dim's Control panties, fancy models for terribly glamorous and sexy underwear. You will love all their variations that play on the mix of materials: lace, tulle ... matched with microfiber. For a flat stomach effect. To erase curves, high-waisted panties with a lifting effect will delight you. Their effectiveness is proven! Thanks to an innovative Acti-Lift technology, they act at the same time on the stomach, the waist and the hips.

For a flat tummy effect and a firmer body without any effort! A dream come true! Also, just wear a panty day after day to keep the waist, hips and thighs refined. Their covering action offers you a long-lasting support and the reshaping effect is guaranteed. Stay sexy, slim down without dieting, feel good and beautiful, these are the promises of the covering panties and flat stomach girdles. In addition, all their seams are invisible. A panty that becomes a second skin. Your forms are smoothed and it offers you the body of dreams. Enhance your figure with this seductive lingerie in panties, stockings & tights or bras.