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Why take advantage of the DIM sale?

Specialized in the sale of underwear for the whole family: women, men & children, our online store regularly offers new collection of ingerie, underwear, tights & socks of all styles and materials. Take advantage of this time of the year: the sales to fill your underwear dresser, with low prices, you would be wrong to deprive yourself. Discover a selection of women's lingerie which made the trend of the season like Body touch, Beauty lift, or Generous bras. You will find a large choice of bras, triangle bras or even wrap bras for the greatest support of your cleavage. Not to mention sport bras, a big trend this season. You will also find an assortment of lace bodysuits for women, as well as many types of underwear: women's boxer shorts or women's shorts, and many varieties of lace panties, in cotton or microfiber, also sold in sets like the Les Pockets. We have a big selection of underwear for women which is not expensive, so why not discover them during these long-awaited sales?!


Beautiful legs with our on-sale pantyhose

Also need to renew your tights and socks? Then it's time to take advantage of the Dim sale, with fancy pantyhose at very low prices that will tickle your toes and wrap your legs in softness. You're sure to be comfortable in your shoes, whether they're pumps or sneakers. With DIM tights on sale, you make the choice of the accessory that will enhance your look, to make it totally trendy. Whether you're looking for feathered tights, fishnet stockings or sheer tights, choose them all to add variety to your outfit. There's no need to hesitate, because with these low prices on dim tights on sale, you can stock up on this essential accessory whatever the weather. And if you'd rather have tapered legs or a flat stomach, choose Dim's Voile galbée tights or the Beauty Resist collection of heavy-duty transparent tights. And if your legs are looking grey, quickly, a pair of teint de soleil pantyhose to give your legs a golden tan!


DIM men's underwear, the must-have of the sales

Men aren't forgotten during the DIM Sale, with boxer shorts to choose from. Here you go, lots to choose from! A wide selection of men's underwear on sale especially for you gentlemen! With classic & elegant black boxers, colorful briefs, plain briefs in traditional black and white tones... A great selection of men's underwear at low prices, available on the online store. If you prefer long johns, you'll find a selection of boxers that cover your thighs well. Or if you're looking for anti-perspirant underwear for sports, check out the DIM Sport men's boxers & briefs collection, or 3D Flex. For those who like to be stylish, there are all the other colorful or printed underwear in many fun and fresh colors.


Underwear on sale for teens too!

DIM underwear is also made for Children and teenagers with bras and first bras, panties and boxers. Meticulously crafted, they are in the trend of the moment. For young girls, a choice of strapless swimsuits or colorful bras are available, to coordinate with matching briefs & shorties. This makes it possible to buy children's underwear sets at low prices with the sales. Does your tennage boy also want to do his own shopping and choose his men's underwear that’s on sale? With boxers and briefs, specially designed for them, in which they will feel at their best. Sold in sets or individually depending on the model, take advantage of the sales to renew the underwear of your dearest and sweetest loves. Don't forget, delivery is free for purchases over 60€, so it's time to dress the whole family with the DIM sales.