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DIM panties, the choice of comfort

Discover the original creations of the DIM girl range on the online shop. Girls' shorts, panties or briefs: the choice is yours! You'll find colourful and creative panties all year round, designed in the brand's pure tradition of quality and exclusively dedicated to little girls and teenagers. DIM Girl offers a range of trendy panties and shorties for children aged 4 to 16, adapted to their body and tastes. To ensure that your future teenagers feel comfortable in their underwear and their bodies, DIM focuses on comfort and support on a daily basis. If your daughter likes shorties, you can opt for the low-rise model, the classic panty or the more fashionable panty in the range, with pretty prints. It is also possible to match bras or tops of the same theme with matching panties! Finally, if you want to buy at a low price, look for the plain and printed sets of panties with elasticated waistbands signed by DIM. DIM's flagship product, DIM Pockets, are perfect for your daughter. These sets of panties or shorties are sold in packs of 2, 3 or 5 and come in a small reusable pouch. Don't wait any longer and fall in love with the DIM Pockets briefs with their fancy, acid colours!


Fun and colourful designs for girls and teenagers

With DIM girls' briefs, you're guaranteed to be wearing the best in women's underwear for kids and teens! DIM's girls' briefs are soft, comfortable and fun to wear, allowing young girls to wear lingerie that matches their personality. For example, choose a fancy or printed shorty for a touch of originality. Sports briefs will appeal to the more dynamic and will allow them to be comfortable in their movements. Finally, for girls who prefer sobriety, they will find their happiness among the choice of panties for children available in white, black, pink, blue... there is something for everyone! Whatever the use (gym class, school or leisure activities), everyone will appreciate the cotton bottom of our pretty underwear as well as their microfibre composition or their elasticated waistband, which holds them in place without tightening! With DIM lingerie, you can be sure that your children will have comfortable underwear that fits their shape. Here you go: the perfect comfortable and very girly girl's slip! Not sure what size panties to get for your daughter? As your children grow up, their sizes change so quickly that it's best to make sure you get the right size for your daughter. That's why DIM has a size guide for all its products available on