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Sport Underwear for Women

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The importance of women's sports underwear

Having become a category in its own right and a must-have for women's closets sports lingerie is no longer just an option and must be taken seriously! During your sport practice, your skin, your body, your legs, your muscles are burdened with pressure and must be protected. Chafing, irritation, perspiration, blisters, shocks to the chest and joints... It is essential to choose quality sportswear that will fit your movements and preserve your comfort in all situations! Forget your running session with a classic bra or your yoga session with your jogging pants and invest in underwear and clothing approved for the effort. Your body will thank you!

Developed in close collaboration with top athletes and made with intelligent textiles, Dim women's sports underwear is adapted to each type of practice and offers a specific feature (more or less reinforced support, breathable material, anti-slip patches, etc.) to accompany you with optimal ease and improve your performance. Available in sports bras, sports pants, leggings, shorts and socks, the Dim Sport collection dresses you from head to toe and meets the needs of many activities, such as yoga, pilates, fitness, dance, boxing or running.


Which Dim Sport women's underwear should I choose for my sports activities & workout?

Whatever your sport and whatever your body type, you must make your clothing choice with care. At Dim, sportswear is divided into several categories, depending on the nature and intensity of your training. You'll find women's tops, bottoms and socks specially designed for light, moderate or intense physical training.

For light intensity training, such as yoga, pilates or stretching, you can tie together your outfit with a women's microfiber bra without underwire, seamless, cross-back with fishnet inserts. It envelops you like a second skin and lets your skin breathe! On the bottom, opt for short leggings with a light stretchy texture that dries quickly and holds you in place with a wide, covering belt. On your feet, nothing beats our light impact socks, which improve dexterity with their siliconized bottom surface. Your movements are secure and your balance is preserved!

For medium-intensity exercise, such as fitness or dance, give your breasts a little more support with a bra with foam shells or removable shells, with wider straps and a more interlocking swim back, you'll find many models in the Shock Absorber sports bras. Complemented by absorbent long leggings made of polyester and elastane, with ventilation zones in mesh material, and a pair of socks with active thermoregulatory X-Temp treatment, your sports uniform will efficiently evacuate perspiration and moderate impacts!

For high intensity physical effort, such as running, hiking or trail running, you'll want to go all out on the resistance side and adopt a bra with a wide, comfortable bottom, molded cups, and an ultra-breathable tulle lining. Your breasts will not move a millimeter! In your underwear, a pair of 2-in-1 shorts with increased mobility or long leggings with practical details like the zippered pouch sewn into the back of the waistband, ideal for running hands-free! In your shoes, our pair of high impact socks with polypropylene tongue guaranteed anti-ampoule! For more serenity and confidence during your runs, our Dim underwear for intensive sports are equipped with a fluorescent and reflective elastic band that increases your visibility.


A functional and trendy sports look!

Don't choose between performance and aesthetics, with the Dim Sport women's underwear and clothing collection, you are well equipped AND stylish! Depending on your personality and your motivation of the day, put on a rather discreet sportswear, thanks to our products available in neutral and classic colors like gray, black, white, or adopt a dynamic and fun look with our variety of sparkling colors burgundy, blue, pink and show your fashion side with our contrasting elastic belts with graphic pattern, with the Dim logo marked and design.