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Successful nights with the DIM Baby pyjamas!

A must-have in your birth bag, baby pyjamas, whether for a baby girl or a baby boy, are clothes that must be chosen with particular attention to ensure comfort and practicality on a daily basis! Because it is in direct contact with their skin, the pyjamas (or sleepwear) must be designed with soft and supple materials that will comfort your girl or boy and allow them to have a restful sleep, without disturbing their movements. Because yes, a baby sleeps a lot... on average 15 to 16 hours a day! Moreover, your baby must be changed 4 to 5 times a day, hence the importance of selecting baby clothes that are both soft for them and very practical for parents. In terms of materials, choose sleepwear that is adapted to the season and hypoallergenic, with fabrics that efficiently wick away perspiration and protect against heat in the summer, or more cozy and warm textures in the winter. Infants' skin is very fragile and easily irritated by frequent diaper changes, so choose light and soft clothes!


How to choose the size of your baby's pyjamas?

We recommend that you measure your newborn before choosing their pyjamas or rely on your last ultrasound. The size should not be too small or too large. If in doubt, always go one size up. At DIM Baby ๐Ÿ‘ถ, we have an infants and toddlers collection available in 1 month old pajamas (58cm), 3 month old pajamas (62cm), 6 month old pajamas (68cm), 12 month old pajamas (76cm), 18 month old pajamas (84cm) and 24 month old pajamas (92cm).


Why choose Dim baby girl pajamas and Dim baby boy pajamas?

Unlike onesies such as classic Y-snaps and “Rompers” pajamas, Dim sleepwear is a baby girl and baby boy garment constructed with an innovative two-way front zipper (from the collar down to the crotch) with a protective strip, making it easy to dress and undress your baby girl or boy in a snap, without overexerting or moving them! In addition, all of our baby clothes are finished with easy-to-remove cuffs on the hands and feet to protect your little girl's or boy's extremities from the cold and prevent scratching during their nap.


Colorful and printed, the 1 month to 24 months pajamas are comfortable and cute!

Your little girl or boy also deserves to wear baby clothes ๐Ÿ‘ถ that combine comfort and style! Fall for our wide range of ultra-fashionable mixed baby girl and boy pajamas made of skin-friendly materials, such as the ultra-soft and breathable organic cotton pyjamas or stretch cotton sleepwear in beige, yellow, ecru, grey, pink, blue or green and with cute prints, animals, tropical jungle, or the Dim baby pyjamas made of warm cotton with stripes. Real little sailors! And because Dim also thinks about young parents... the maintenance of Dim baby nightwear is child's play! Hop, machine wash at 30° maximum and air dry, so that the pyjamas remain soft and supple. And that's not all, DIM baby pyjamas are also available in Organic Cotton๐ŸŒ! Delighted parents, happy baby! A maternity set is an important and special gift for a baby's first days. Put together your perfect set with our baby pyjamas and baby rompers designs for the warm weather! To give to young parents, or to add as a suggestion to your own birth list!